Why disparity? When I was viewing a movie in the …

Why disparity?
When I was viewing a movie in the television, an idea flashed to my mind not connected to the film. Immediately,I switched off the TV and thinking seriously about the ideas flashed to me.I wonder why there is a disparity everywhere. Even in God’s creation as human being, I observed disparity from person to person. One man is born as a rich, while another poor. One man is robust and another is a weak. One is handsome and attractive, while the other is ugly. One is having saintly character and the other satanic. One fellow lives upto one hundred years while the other dies at young age. One man leads luxurious life throughout his life, while the other live in a miserable condition even without food. One is loved by all and the other hatred by millions. One dies happy natural death, while the other met with unnatural death by way of accident or heart failure. The whole nation mourns for the death of one person, while the other dies unknown unwept and nobody take care of his dead body. One baby has perfect health since the birth, while the other born with disability.If God is really merciful and impartial as claimed by religious literature, why should some people be prosperous and some distressed? Why among His creations should such differences be allowed to exist? Such doubts are being raised by number of so called intelligent community.In a family one child is brilliant While another is average. When a father divides his property among his two sons, one uses it properly and earns benefits, whereas the the other spends money lavishly and become pauper.
Why all this disparity? Whether these disparities can be changed? Is it true whether God is partial to one and prejudiced to another? If you ask this question to a learned man, his answer would be karma of the previous birth, which is responsible for the disparity.
I am unable to find the appropriate answer and still thinking.
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