Sensetive Little Girl On the occasion of Jyothi’s…

Sensetive Little Girl
On the occasion of Jyothi’s felicitation for passing first class first in the third standard,she took an unusual decision of repeating everything three times and intended derive some kind of enjoyment. She preferred to keep it confedential.This sudden change of her attitude created lot of uneasiness not only for parents in the house but also teachers in the school. Even Head Master of the school warned her to stop this bad habit immediately. But Jyothi continued this practice. Once,in her colony a young girl was abducted by her boy friend.When crooked boys,knowing well of Jyoti’s strange attitude intentionally asked her about this episode. She told thrice loudly to them. They were repeatedly asking and she gave reply in the same manner. These boys took her from place to place in the colony and ask same question in front of the elders and she replied repeating the same. Jyoti being a little girl did’nt know the impact. This was nothing but a enjoyment to these boys. But for the Parents of the young girl it became a unbearable insult. They called Jyothi and warned to stop this nonsense immediately otherwise stern action will be taken against her.
A month after there was a singing competition in the school. Jyothi participated and got first prize in the contest. How she got the prize? Jyoti had selected a popular song of the film and the repetation of the first stanza thrice created melodious and she was declared as successful.
Thereafter, Jyoyhi realised that this kind of unusual habit neither help her nor anybody.She realised the repurcussions and decided to give up at once and became a normal. Everybody appreciated her for the change in her attitude.

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