Will Power Arati a little girl had just completed…

Will Power
Arati a little girl had just completed eight years.Her birth day was arranged by the parents in the house with the gathering of few selected friends of Arati. The programme was drawn by parents. There was one unique contest among children. Accordingly, each participant had to speak two minutes non stop on any subject. There was no hard and fast rules to stick up to the subject. The intention behind it was to encourage the wonderful skill of dabte at this tender age. Everybody spoke on various topics such as nation, patriatism and education, according to their knowldege and standard. But when Arati stood up she told about her own story. She commenced with the sentence, “Do you know how I am speaking fluently undisturbed although I had disability of stammering? I was genius in the class. But I had a defect of stammering. I was fed up with this defect. My parents efforts to cure from this defect could not succeed. Apart from parents, teachers in the school had expressed sympathy and wishing me speedy recovery. Once our school had decided to enact a drama on the occasion of annual day.I was asked to take up a lead role. I had no other option except to refuse because of my defect. Ultimately, due to the pressure of my parents, teachers and relatives, I had to accept the role.Some of the dialogues were in Sanskrit.My determination gave me enthusiasm. Constant practice of Sanskrit words resulted easy flow of my speech and became normal like others.I think it was nothing but a firm determination and not miracle.”
She concluded her brief speech with the famous saying “Where there is a will there is a way”. All the children were dumb and thrilled to hear from her.

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