Unforgettable incidence Just I was retired from t…

Unforgettable incidence
Just I was retired from the bank service and relaxing on the sofa viewing television. I switched off the tv and took the news paper lying on the center table. My attention was drawn to a news item published in the news paper crime column. It was about an Executive in the private sector company,who involved in the fradulent case and trapped by the Vigilence Department. The official had pleaded his innocense backed by documentary evidences. Inspite of all the favourable plus points in his favour, he was placed under suspension from service pending enquiry. After going through this, an incident during my service flashed to my mind. I remeber even today every bit of the happenings.
I was working as an Accountant in one of the semi-urban branch of the public sector bank. My nature of work was really a challanging. The work entrusted to me was such that it must be dispossed off promptly. There was no question of keeping the work pending. It was well known fact that the top officials never listen to any excuses. They want only result oriented task. On the other hand, customers expect prompt service on each occasion. My position was fixed between the devil and the deep sea. I remember even tody that horrible day. As usual, I went to the bank on that day before half an hour of the commencement of business hours. Every thing was normal. The day’s work completed at 4P.M.

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