Faith An illiterate lady fetching milk to a saint…

An illiterate lady fetching milk to a saint, who was in deep
meditation. She was crossing a river by a ferry.Once she was late due
to non availibity of the boat on time.In such a situation, saint
advised her to utter the name of God and walk through the current.The
day after, when she faced the similar problem and followed the saint’s
advise with full faith and devotion. She chanted mantra without
realising the current. She was successful in her attempt. Her dress was
least affected. The saint who himself later attempted to cross the
river, tried to protect his clothes from getting wet, utterly failed.
The innocent illiterate lady pointed out to him that he lacked faith.

Knowledge helps one’s face challenges
When I was going through a discourse of a learned on the captioned
head, my attention was drawn to a story narrated by him.
Three experts mathematician, scientist and historian were crossing a
river in the boat.The mathematician asked the boatsman whether he knew
mathematics. The boatsman pleaded ignorance.Then mathematician told him,
“A fourth of life has been wasted.” So too was his(boatman) reply to a
scientist who pitted that he has wasted another one fourth of life. The
third was a historian, who too received the same answer and hence the
boatman was told about another part of his life.
Suddenly there was a flood in the river and the boatman politely asked
all the three whether they knew how to swim. When all of them replied
in negative, he said,”Your whole life is wasted.”
Knowledge without the capacity to discriminate may be of no use during
Control of passions
As the waters of different rivers enter the ocean, which though full,
remains undisturbed without any swell in its level likewise the desires
filling the mind of self controlled, purely intelligent person cannot
disturb his tranquility. Such a man enjoys everlasting peace, not the
one who turns a slave to his passions.”

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