God’s Boxes God gave me two boxes of which one was…

God’s Boxes
God gave me two boxes of which one was gold and another was brass. He told me to put all your joys in the gold box and all the sorrows in the brass box. I obeyed His words with full devotion and faith. The gold box became heavier each day and the brass was light.With curiosity I opened the the brass box. My intention was to find out the reason why one box was heavy and another light. I saw the base of the brass box a hole which my sorrows had fallen out. I showed the hole to God and asked loudly I wonder where my sorrows could be. God smiled a gentle smile at me.” My child they are all with Me.” I asked what was the purpose for giving me two boxes one with hole and another without. “My child, the gold is for you to count your blessings, the brass is for you to let go.

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