Finding place amongst writers club Even today, I …

Finding place amongst writers club
Even today, I remember the piece of advice parted by my sons to me some months back with regard to my interest in literature field. Eldest son shared with me that if I read at least ten good books with full concentration and understanding, I can write one book independently of my own, and the youngest son while going through my writings observed and expressed that instead of constructing complicated sentences, I should try to cultivate the practice of writing small sentence with complete meaning. Pondering over the suggestions given by the both, I found them to be excellent and helpful & also tried to adopt this in toto.

To utilise the advice and put it into practice, I made a sincere attempt to write a short story not exceeding one page for the children of below eight years. The inspiration of writing such stories emerged after reading a story in the supplement of a leading newspaper about an eight years old girl who was having hearing impairment. She was ridiculed and not favored by others because of the impairment, but this defect gave dividend to her when she participated in a debate competition in the school and all of sudden, the electricity went off and only her voice was audible and the judges in contest declared her as winner. I considered various habits in the children like repeatation of words/sentences, reply in the form of songs, stammering, and responding in sign language etc. and was able to write more than fifty stories depicting the shortcomings and how they overcome these challenges in normal life. When these stories were completed, I thought of sending these stories by e-mail to my grand daughter of eight years, who stays abroad under the title “Story for the day”. I received favorable response from her with reagrd to the stories.

I was abroad along with my wife for six months on the invitation of my daughter and son-in-law to visit them. Both were employed in lucrative jobs in the software field and were busy with their respective jobs on the weekdays.Only on weekends and holidays would all of us go outside for jolly trip. Then cropped up a question in my mind of what was to be done during the weekdays to spend the free time at home? As a solution they provided me with a separate room with computer, T.V., printer, its stationary and number of books & magazines.

In the heart of hearts, I was extremely pleased that the day of realising my ambition of writing was fast approaching & thereby I took a firm decision to commence writing. Accordingly, i begun by writing a number of short stories in a regional language & because, I was under the impression that I had to some extent command over the regional language than English. To my surprise, I had completed about 12 short stories in regional language, 4 stories in English and two stories in another regional language. I gave these stories to my eldest son staying close to the place where I was residing, to edit the stories. He had a surprise for me on my birthday, he gifted me 4 copies of printed books containing my short stories duly edited by him, he too is actively involved in the literary field and few books, short stories and articles have been penned by him.

When I returned back to India along with my wife, I had thought of publishing the book around at least 1000 copies. When I was thinking seriously about this, one of my relatives introduced me to his friend, who happened to be a doctorate in English literature and had written number of books. I approached him and submitted the manuscript of short stories with a request to edit. He gladly accepted the same. After about a month I received a call from him and was informed that all the stories were edited by him and a reputed publisher. Further I was told that one of my stories was selected for publication in the collection of short stories to be published by them. I was happy and expressed my gratitude to him as this was my dream come true & thereafter the book was published and released in the book release function. After a day, the gentlemen, who helped during publication asked me to decide whether I would want to publish a book independently containing all the stories written by me. I am yet to take the decision in this regard.

I seriously ponder at times that whether my dream of becoming a successful writer is close to it’s achievement?
By- A.Vaman Acharya

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