Who is worthy? son or disciple…? It was a reg…

Who is worthy? son or disciple…?
It was a regular practice of the paper boy to throw the newspaper abruptly in one of the residences without realizing the impact like inconvenience and displeasure of the reader. Sometimes the paper hit on the inhabitant and he or she becomes angry. If it fell on the floor, all the pages in the newspaper spread everywhere, make it difficult to arrange pagewise. This was almost a regular practice in the house called “Shanti.” It was really surprising that no inhabitant protest this kind of misbehaviour. There were three residents in the house. The eldest member of the family was Janardan, whose age was about 70 years. He was a retired teacher. His only son Balawant, whose age was about 40 years. He was working as an Executive in the M.N.C. Lastly, his daughter-in-law Bakula, whose age was about 35 years.She was housewife and social activist. It was clear from the behaviour of Balawant that he diregarded his father. Because, Balawant was completely under the control of Bakula. He never protested whenever ill treatment done to his father.Balawant was observing the rudeness of the paper boy and misbehaviour of his wife with his father. He never banged either paper boy or his wife. His intention was not fair. Janardan had no option except to keep quite tolerating the misbeahviour from the paper boy and daughter-in-law. The English daily was exclusive use of Janardan. Both Balawant and Bakula never touch this paper and refuse to pay the monthly bill. Balawant used to get news paper and magazines from his Company.
Janardan was making payment of paper bill out of his pension every month.Bakula was very much fond of reading film, fashion technology and foreign magazines. She wanted to have these periodicals without spending money. She had developed a bad habit of obtaining these magazines from her friends, who were reluctunt to part with and even expressed displeasure every time. She didn’t care the insult from the neighbours.
Janardan wanted to spend rest of his life in a peaceful manner. Where was the peace for him? Son and daughter-in-law were giving lot of trouble and pointing out mistakes, eventhough he was right. The elderly man’s life was nothing but miserable. Balawant was quite alright till his marriage and promptly attending to all his father’s needs. The attitude of Balawant was completely changed after the marriage with Bakula. Her nature was quite different. She was making false allegations against the old man.Balawant never bother to verify the reality in the allegation. Her hatredness towards the old man continued and there was no sign of stoppage. Why Bakula misbehaves with her father-in-law? She was in the habit of telling her friends that she belongs to an affluent family. But in reality, it was quite contrary. She was born and brought up in a poor family. Her father was working in a private firm as a clerk and the mother was stitching the ladies blouse and dress. How Balawant married this lady was a different story. Before joining the present company, Balawant was working in the private firm, where Bakula’s father was a clerk. When both of them became friends and intimacy developed. Frequent visits to his house resulted in love with Bakula. Balawant married her inspite of the protest from his father. Janardan disliked her for three reasons. Firstly her nature of behaving with others was not good. Secondly, she belongs to another caste. Thirdly,she was elder to Balawant by two years.At that time, Janardan not only protested,but went to her parents told them to forget the marriage with his son on these three counts. This was the main reason for Bakula to hate father-in-law. Balawant did not accept the father’s argument and told him to keep quite.Janardan had no other option except to allow his son to marry Bakula. He swallowed all types insults done to him. Balawant tried to change her behaviour could not succeed.Thereafter, he became wife’s real husband and oblizing her in all matters without realizing right or wrong. On one evening, husband and wife were viewing a t.v. serial and the story was just similar to their real life. Only change was the presence of wife to the old man.In the serial the son was repenting about the ill treatment given to the parents and requesting them to parden. Even his wife also was requesting them to forget the events happened earlier. Bakula at that point of time, switched off the t.v. Balawant was silent and did not ask her the reason for abruptly switching off the t.v. From that day onwards, the bad days commenced for Janardan.Inorder to free from all the worries he took the shelter of newspaper and spends most of the time in going through all the pages not leaving even ads. He was in the habit of going through the news, articles and editorial with full concentration.He had a rare habit of observing keenly on the pictures printed in the paper and stops for a while and think seriously about his desire to have his picture in the paper. He used to express himself, why he was not getting the chance of appearing his picture in the paper? Everybody can have desire and try to achieve.It depends on individual to individual depending on the capacity to achieve the desire. For printing pictures irresepective of the purpose in the paper, wealthy people fufil their desire by spending any amount. Middle class people for right purpose struggle hard to appear their picture in the paper. But such people never get success all the time because of inability to spend money. In the case of poor, such desire even though for the right purpose could not achieve success due to economic condition. He was thinking for himself that rich people get their picture printed in the news paper for any purpose like birth day, engagement, higher studies to abroad and marriage etc. Whereas, middle class and poor section of the society get the opportunity of publishing their pictures for the outstanding work like distiction in professional course, adventurous activity and proceeding to abroad for higher studies on merit basis.
Janardan had one desire to see his own picture in the paper. To achieve this, he knew very well the desire cannot be fulfilled. He was fully aware of the fact that it was an impossible task. He was also aware that apart from spending money, there must be proper reason like good deeds, rare adventure and victory in election. All these acts were out of reach for him.Even in dream also he cannot visualise such events.He put a question to himself like, why alone good deeds needed? His reply was even a person commit murder or robbery his picture will be published.If a person earn name and fame,in the politics, industrial field and business world, his picture, name and writeup will be published in the paper.
One day, as usual Janardan was going through the newspaper. He was surprised to see his classmate’s picture.He was being garlanded by number of people standing in the que. Janardan expressed himself that this fellow was stupid in the student days and always involved in fighting with other students. His worst nature was teasing the girls.But today how this man has become a political leader. the secret of his success was entry in the politics and got elected as a member of parliament. In the next page of the paper, there was another picture of a husband and wife celebrating the silver jubilee of their marriage. This was possible for the couple because it was sponsored by children and grand children. Janardan could not tolerate with grief
expressed, “the only son to whom I have sacrificed everything for providing good education and he became disobediant and made my life miserable.”
Some people, whose picture never appear in the newspaper during their life time and get the opportunity after demise under the column ‘obituary.’ As regards his achievements,Janardan considers himself as a noble man. He even compared himself with so called famous teachers. He thinks that they rose to the top due to good luck not hard work.
Janardan was studied upto graduation and post graduation in Education. he served as a teacher in the private higher secondary school.In those days, the salary was not sufficient.It was very difficult for him to maintain the family with the limited income.His wife was suffering from a disease and little hope of getting recovery. He made sincear efforts to recover her resulted in vain. One day, she died in the hospital.At that time Balawant was studying 5th standard. He had to undergo innumerable problems.But Janardan did not lost hope of providing good education to the son. Balawant was very intelligent in studies right from 1st standard to post graduation. His son secured distinction obtaining highest marks in the school. Janardan with the insufficient income decided to send his son to a reputed management school. Balawant was able to complete the course M.B.A.with rank. One of the reputed companies had selected him in the campus interview and posted as an Executive Trainee.
Janardan was not happy because his son got good education, status and not character.
Balawant was promoted as a top Executive and married a girl of his choice. At the time of marriage, his son failed to understand the poision mixed with flower. Balawant was utterly failed because neither he obeyed father nor took wise decision to marry this girl.Janardan felt very much because his son was fully aware that the wife was not on the right path.Bakula was keeping affectionate relationship with husband. The father being a old man was unable to set right the things.
Janardan was tolerating all the sufferings with the positive hope that son and his wife will mend their attitude after realising the truth. But even after five years, the hopes of the old man shattered. At this point of time Janardan had two options. One chioce was to continue to be with them tolerating all kinds of sufferings. Second choice was to quit the house and lead the life with the income of pension. Ultimately, he had to opt second choice. Even then also he had two options of informing the son or without informing. But he took firm decision to leave without information. He thought, in case of prior information of leaving both may create problems. He wanted to spend the remaining life in Ashram by donating every month out of his pension.
he was travelling in abus from one place to another in search of ashram. One day he was travelling in a bus and observed a co-passanger was reading the newspaper. After few minutes, the co-passanger seeing his eagerness to see the paper gave middle pages. Janardan was in tension and glanced the pages with half hearted. As per his practice his attention went to the pictures. Suddenly his heart was beating very fast. He was surprised to see his own picture in the paper with the caption “Absconding.” The matter beneath was as follows.
The above person appearing in the picture with a height of 5 feet 6 inches wearing dark spectacals and having scar mark on the forehead, lean, bald head and not fair in complexion absconding for the last one week. He was mentally retarded and hospitalised and speaks English fluently. He left with Rupees one lakh from the house “Shanti” 5th Main, Paradise colony, Vishweshpura pin- 333300. Those who find the person may please be handed over to the nearest police station or contact phone=673245 or cell no. 9844339900.
His son was also lodged a complaint in the police station.
Janardan was really shivering after seeing the ad. He was unable to decide the future course of action. He immediately got down at the next stop and running with proper destination. As a result of this, he was in panicky. A car was passing on the same road, where the old man was running.Driver of the car parked the car just by the side of the road and proceeded towards old man. Observing the danger, Janardan was sacred and thought this fellow might have seen the picture in the paper and may handover me to the police. He also observed a police official seated in the car. His suspicion of handing over police was confirmed. When the person approached very close to the old man, he told with folded hands,” Sir, for God’s sake do not handover me to police. I prefer to die rather than see the face of my ungrateful son and wicked daughter-in-law.”
The man who got down from the car has assured the old man not to worry and be care free. He took the old man up to the car and asked to get in. The old man not knowing the further developments agreed to proceed with them in the car. The car went staright to the police oficial house. On the way, Janardan was thinking seriously about these persons reality and getting fear in case of being kept in the police custody. When the car reached police officer’s home, the old man was treated with good respects. The police officer himself was looking after him. After some time, the old man was provide with the light nourishment and assured him no to be scared. He was also told nothing untoward woul be happened. Janardan seeing his treatment with love and affection felt nothing will be done to him. The police officer introduced himself as Superindent of Police of the district and said he was a student of Janardan in the school. With due respects to his teacher, he revealed the unforgettable events happened during those days.
” I was born in a poor agricultural family. My father was a farmer having 3acres of dry land in the village and mother was not educated and diong petty jobs in the field. I had my primary education at the village. I remember even today, my father died, when I was studying in 7th standard. His death was due to a disease and not diagnosed properly by the village doctor. Apart from this, he was not provided with a timely medical treatment. During the same year, I lost my mother. The main reason for her death was due to the untimely death of her husband. I became orphan. I came to city with an intention to continue the study. I had undergone lot of trouble in the absence of money. I had no other option except to beg. One petty businessman from my village came to rescue. He had lot of sympathy towards my father. Because my father was working with him and oblizing to attend all kinds of odd jobs. He took the responsibility of meeting my hostel bill. Another gentleman from my village who had tremendous faith in my father helped me to bear the school fees, books and cloths. These persons came forward for help because of my sharp knowledge and best performance in the class. I took admission for 8th standard in High school. In the same school Sri Janardan was English language teacher.He was fond of me because of my soft nature and top in obtaining highest marks in the class. I used to call him as ‘sir.’ On number of occasions, Sir had helped me in the shape of kind aswell as cash.His sincear help in getting me scholarship was an unforgettable event in my life. In the absence of this, I would not have continued the education. Some times, I had no money to purchase books and one set of clothes. Sir realised my problem and extended assistance to get these things.I owe lot to Janardan Sir. I can put it like this. His gratitude and kindness towards me gave a strength and courage to proceed further in acheiving my ambition in life. I was in a position to continue the studies in college and university without break only due to the blessings of my beloved teacher Janardan. I am proud to say that in all the classes right from pre-university to postgraduation, I obtained highest marks.Thereafter, on the advise of Sri Janardan, I appeared for I.P.S. examination and selected at first attempt and joined service in police department. Today, by the grace of Almighty and the best wishes from the people like Sri Janardan,I am holding the position of Superintendent of Police and incharge of this district. I being a young man having bright future in my life.”
With this he concluded his story of struggle in the life. He could not bear the emotion and the tears were rolling in the eyes and prostrated his beloved teacher. Janardan too was equally got emotion and unable to express happiness. He could remember his student’s name as Raghunandan.
The old man narrated his bitter experiences with his son and daughter-in-law and the reasons for parting with them. After listening everything from the teacher, Raghunandan told to be with him for ever and be like a father. Janradan wholeheartedly accepted his beloved student’s request. Raghunandan provided all the comforts to his teacher. Ragunandan was waiting an opportunity to publish his teacher’s picture in the news paper. He could not trace out his latest photograph for sending it to reputed newspaper. Janardan’s fresh photo was taken for this purpose. 15th of succeeding month was his 75th birth day. Raghunandan made arrangement well in advance to send his photo to the paper. Exactly on 15th of that month the picture of Janardan appeared in the newspaper covering full page. Apart from wishing happy birth day, an attractive small write up on his struggle in life was published. Raghunandan was arranged a get together of prominant persons on the eve of his Guru’s 75th birthday. He introduced his teacher as a father to all the dignataries. Janardan was too happy to see his own picture in the paper and blessed his disciple son a bright and prosperous future. In the function, Janardan gave a brief speech and thanked all those who were present in the party.
Balawant came to know through the paper that his father happily settled with his disciple. He had no face to meet his own father.Balawant was in guilty consciousness and thinking how to face the situation.

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