The effect of food served by a thief A scholar who…

The effect of food served by a thief
A scholar who was strict in following the rules of righteous conduct was once in forest. He felt terribly hungry. Unable to bear it, he went in search of food. He saw an isolated hut of a poor man. Unmindful of hygeinic conditions and even when the occupant of the residence hesitated, he took what he was served. When he left, the scholar unaware of what he was doing, carried with him a calf from the hut not realising he was actually stealing it. After some time, a few others questioned him wherefrom he obtained the animal. At first he could not give proper reason as to why he was taking it with him but remembered that it belonged to the man who offered him food. When all of them went to the hut, they were able to realise that the owner was a thief and the scholar had acquired habit of stealing having enjoyed hospitality just once.He had led the calf even without his own knowledge. After the food got digested in about two hours, he was able to recollect his sinful deed.
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