God alone is perfect A talented and famous sculpto…

God alone is perfect
A talented and famous sculptor was informed by an astrologer about his death at a certain time.Normally under such situation, man will choose to surrender God and utilise the rest of the time in listening to religious discouses, involve himself in religious activities like prayer, meditation and worship. Instead of taking such steps to spend his days exclusively in the service of God, the sculptor inorder to avoid death and caught hold from the God of death devised an intelligent plan. Accordingly, he designed eleven other replicas of himself and stationed himself amid them. The messengers of the Lord of Death who came to him on the appointed day were indeed puzzled to spot the real man whom they have to take with them. However, one among them hit at a plan to find out the man and casually remarked that one image among the eleven had a defect and look different from the rest of the images. Immediately, the sculptor, burst out that among his creations, nothing can be imperfect. The culprit thus got exposed by his pride, impetuousity and folly.
God alone is perfect. No human being can equal Him.
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