Stop gossip and be happy Ambuja a forty plus woma…

Stop gossip and be happy
Ambuja a forty plus woman had a peculiar habit of gossip with others without realizing the importance of the time. She was at the advanced stage of pregnanancy and continued the habit ignoring the adverse effect on her health. While in gossip, she forgets taking timely food and medicine. If somebody reminds her, then consume food and medicine. The doctor had warned her to stop this undesirable attitude of gossip immediately. She did not attach much importance to the warning of the doctor. There was no time limit for her gossip. She never thinks of other’s inconvenience, and continues the talk. She was told by her husband number of times to discontinue the bad habit. At one stage, he told her to choose either husband or gossip. She smiled and evaded the answer. Even her friends expressed their anger several times to stop the gossip. They wanted to avoid her, whenever Ambjua appear in shopping center,temple,function hall, because of her bad habit. As a result of this, husband became upset and discontinued to talk with her. He gave a fortnight time to stop this practice.
Once during the course of the gossip, Ambuja revealed a matter, which was a confidential in nature about her husband. She failed to understand the consequences of such reveal. When he overheard this, he became very much upset and protested this action of his wife. What was the matter? Why he became upset? Was it pertains to him personally? Whether it was hurting to his feelings? Was it so serious?
One day, Ambuja was just relaxing outside her house. She observed her friend Saroja was passing on the road. Immediately, she called Saroja and asked her to spend some time. Saroja fully aware of friend’s nature tried to avoid the situation moved ahead without seeing her. Observing the friend’s mentality, Ambuja herself went to Saroja and brought her forcibly.
“Why Saroja, do you have anything against me in your mind. When I am calling you, you disregarded me and moved further without turning towards me.” said Ambuja.
“ No!Ambuja, I was waiting for my husband.He may come at any moment from the office. He may be annoyed, if my presence was not there.” Replied Saroja.
“ You know my nature. I dislike lying down on the bed in the pretext of rest. Tell me about last month’s function in Anasuya’s house. She had no courtesy even to extend invitation to me. But I never forget to invite her whenever function takes place in my house.” Said Ambuja.
“ The function was arranged in connection with the engagement ceremony of Nandini her eldest daughter.The same was celebrated in a large scale. When I asked about your absence, her reply was something surprising. She expressed anger towards you, because once you had passed remarks on them, which were nothing but an insult to them. Your remarks resulted in the breaking of Nandini’s marriage within a week.” Said Saroja.
“Really speaking I was unaware of the incident. My intention was not to hurt their feelings. I didn’t know how it was happened in this way.” Said Ambuja.
Saroja continued and said, “ But somebody had passed on the bad message generated by you to the boy’s father.”
“I pity! This should not have happened.”
“ Okay! It was not proper for us to interfere in other’s personal affairs” said Saroja with an intention to close the matter and further continued; “ I heard something about you and your husband from the residents of this colony.”
“ Tell me clearly.” Asked Ambuja.
“ Ambuja, why there was a delay of 15 years for you to become a mother.”
“ They have nothing to do with our personal matter. Unnecessary interference shows nothing but their foolishness.”
“ You cannot stop people. But you have to agree the truth. If the aged woman become pregnant, people naturally find opportunity to remark.”
“ You want to know the reason for my delayed pregnancy.”
“ If you want to reveal I don’t have any objection to hear. When you desire to narrate, I too equally interested to listen.”
“ You know my sister-in-law was a famous gynecologist. She went to London for prosecuting higher studies in post graduation on the subjects related to various diseases of women especially in pregnancy. She successfully completed the course. She obtained number of awards and letter of appreciation from the U.K. While I was under her treatment, she revealed most of the defects for the delay in pregnancy. As per her opinion, the wife cannot be solely held responsible for late pregnancy, but husband’s part was also equally responsible. Accordingly, my husband was asked to undergo medical treatment. During the investigation, it was revealed that husband had defects. I didn’t understand the medical terms told to me. He was provided with the best medical treatment under the supervision of a specialist doctor. Luckily, the treatment was most successful. You know the further developments.” Concluded her tale.
Anand was inside and listening to the conversations of his wife and her friend. He became upset and angry after hearing his defects pointed out to her friend by the wife.
He decided to come outside to stop the talk between two ladies. Then he went to the terrace and said loudly,”Ambuja, could you stop the conversation? Your talks made me upset and getting terrible headache. Once again I warn you, will you please shut up and stop foolish talk and come inside.”
Saroja realizing the situation left the place. Ambuja questioned her husband what was the necessity of insulting her friend Saroja.
Anand did not respond to her immediately and preferred to keep silent.
A day after, when he was alone and started thinking previous day’s episode. Not only family members but also people of the locality were surprised, because of Ambuja’s pregnancy after 15 year’s of marriage. Anand’s joy was natural.But Anand was very much upset when he heard about his defects.Due to this Anand’s mind was not peaceful. Anand was not happy with his wife for revealing the personal matter. Such matters cannot be discussed with others. If it was kept in the heart, Anand had to undergo psychological pain. It was nothing but an unbearable insult for him. When Anand cured from the defects he was having, thought for a while, whether it was proper to reveal the truth to friends or keep quite. Anand was in dilemma. At this juncture, Ambuja revealed everything to her friend Saroja. It was a known fact that Saroja had a habit of spreading such news adding something to it only to derive entertainment out of it. Saroja had cultivated the art of spreading news in an intelligent manner. Due to this Anand had to undergo lot of psychological stress and strains. He was too much worried about his friends. One of his friends was famous in cutting jokes on others. He may take this issue as a joke. Of course, laughter may be good for health, but not at the cost of others.

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